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We are a tribe, of individuals. We want the same things: to move well, live well and feel good. 

We are all capable of getting there, not always in the same way.

Real Body Movement

Personal approach

Your goals, your body, your lifestyle.
Online, in studio or a mixture of the two.

Real Body Movement

What we do

Functional training designed to strengthen body and mind.

Real Body Movement

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The ultimate support crew: community of like minded people keen to improve their wellbeing.


Qld Hockey Rep
RBM’s strength and conditioning training has helped me reach the next level in my sport.


If you want trainers who actually care about you and the way you move you’ve found the right place.


I joined Real Body Movement with chronic knee pain which was badly affecting my ability to move well in everyday life. After a few months of focused training, I was able to deep squat without pain, and I’m back playing basketball without having to ice after every game.


Massage Therapist
This is not a place just to lose weight or grow bigger muscle, it’s a place that you reform yourself physically and mentally.  I have better strength, stability and mobility and my body shape in changing. I’ve changed my diet to healthier choices, set up my goals and am chasing them. 


Best coaches and atmosphere!  An individualised training program focused on building mobility and strength is exactly what my body needed.


Business Owner
I was never really a ‘gym person’ but these guys have changed me, I love it!!! 10 stars from me!!!


Teacher, Brisbane
I joined Real Body Movement online during Covid. Being able to workout from home but still have specialised support and guidance has been better than I could ever have expected.


They are genuinely interested in the individual person and their needs!!! 
Not like any other gym I’ve been to. LOVE IT


Training with Real Body Movement has helped me move better, become fitter and stronger. It’s also helped me think better and eat healthier. All of which has made me see life differently.

Stomp Boxes and Stilettos

Stomp Boxes and Stilettos

Pop-country singer Caitlyn Shadbolt talks correcting imbalances, and how the COVID slow-down helped her build new foundations for strength and stamina.

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Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct

It’s great to have a good-looking body, but if it can’t move in the way it was intended, what’s the point? 

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Goal oriented mindset

Goal oriented mindset

“Our bodies or minds will tell us we’re not able to do things because we’re scared.  Often it’s an irrational fear.  I told myself even if I thought I might freeze to death, in the end I’d be ok.” 

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Training with Intent

Training with Intent

“Training always has to come back to the question … why am I doing this?  Having that focus gives motivation, determination, a reason to carry out a task.  You don’t grow in a comfort zone.”

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#1 –  Beginnings

#1 – Beginnings

THE FOUNDATION of a gym that does things differently.  Head trainers Matt and Fiona talk training philosophy, their journey, and the story behind The Real Body Movement.

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