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A locally owned Gym in Gympie, that doesn’t feel like your traditional gym, we’re a place for everyday people keen to develop their body and mind through our Educate, Empower, Evolve values.

Our unique blend of Strength and Movement merges primal movements and breath work education with traditional strength training; a yin and yang offering that balances limit testing, strength building, growth and good old fashioned sweat sessions with mindfulness, mobility and restoration.

Semi Private Personal Training

Our flagship training style designed to bridge the gap between group fitness and one-on-one personal training.
The most effective way to achieve lasting change and get you to the top of your game, whatever that may be.
25+ semi-private sessions per week to choose from, online and in-studio.
Option to package with classes.

Why go semi-private?

Tailored program
Exercising without a program is like driving without directions … you can chew through plenty of fuel and never reach your destination. Semi-private training includes an individual program that’s written specifically for you, your body and your goals.  That program is revisited regularly and continually adapted to changing needs and fitness levels as you progress.
Capped Numbers
With a maximum 5 participants per coach, you get the attention of a personal trainer with the vibe of a group class.  Smaller numbers mean our trainers can take the time to teach and correct technique.  We get to know you (… you sit at work all day, you dream of sporting stardom, your kids eat oats for breakfast …), and push your limits in a way that’s safe and effective.  Capped numbers also allow for guidance through unique training methods that aren’t taught in larger groups.  Book yourself in, we’ll bring the rest of the crew.
Support and Advice
Ever had a sore shoulder / wrist / knee and skipped exercising because of it..?  Our trainers will modify / work with you to ensure you still get a solid workout and leave feeling better than when you arrived.  You still have other limbs after all!  Training in a Small Group provides you with the support, expertise and knowledge of your trainer as well as those you’re working alongside.  Perfect for those looking to learn from the ground up, as well as the more experienced.
The best of both worlds: tailored advice and individual attention at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one personal training.
Flexible booking system
Our App-based booking system gives you complete control over which semi-private PT sessions you attend.    Schedule your training week to week to suit work shifts, family needs, travel and all life’s little demands.

Group Classes

Heart Starters
All-body sweat sessions to improve fitness and burn calories. High intensity, sweaty, lean.
RBM Endure  
A resistance / cardio blend tailored to build endurance
High intensity interval training featuring a killer combo of row, air bike or ski and resistance / weights training super-sets.
Warrior Fit  

Conditioning for obstacle course racing. Cardio, Carry, Climb, Crawl, Pull & Lift.

Kettlebell Flow
Strength. Stability. Power.  Flowing movement in the traditional Russian style kettlebell technique designed to boost the body and sit you in the fat burn stage for longer.  A blend that appeals to both lovers of the Heart Starter and Human Movement styles.
Live online requires a kettlebell or hand weight
Human Movement
Solid workouts that will push the limits of your strength and conditioning.  Designed to build more stable and supple bodies, improve endurance and facilitate the mind-body connection. Inspired by gymnastics, calisthenics, hand balancing, and yogic breath work.  Barefoot, using your own body weight.  Sound easy? It’s not.
Primal Vibes   
Spend time on your hands, moving your body the way humans used to.  Ground based, barefoot, gymnastics-inspired elements to help mobility, coordination, and muscle endurance.
Animal Flow Beginner 

Learn the basics of Animal Flow – learn how to underswitch and the basics so you can eventually flow like a beast. If you have a wrist injury it’s recommended to avoid this class and get prior approval from our team before commencing.

Animal Flow Advanced 

In order to participate in this class you must know the beginner basics of Animal Flow. Criteria to progress to this class is you must be able to perform a test flow fluently… very achievable!! 

Hand Balance Strength Class 

Learn how to build hand balance strength for handstands and levitating in Animal Flow. Unleash your inner child.

Primal Strength Building all body functional strength through a combination of isometric holds and balance work (minimal animal flow).
RBM Kids Increasing stability, mobility, muscle strength and endurance in preparation for conditioning and personal training and to enhance sporting pursuits.
Not your average ‘stretch classes’.  Regenerate and restore balance while ironing out the body and mind.  Explore mobility as a combination of strength, flexibility and balance.
Zen Warrior Yoga & Grounded Yoga  
Yoga movement, breathing techniques and meditation to balance you out.  Designed to gently stretch and activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest).
Live online is suitable if you have no equipment, although a yoga mat, firm cushion / yoga block and strap are handy.
A release for tight, sore muscles. Reach new ranges of motion, and ensure max results in other training sessions.
Live online requires a foam roller, lacrosse / tennis or massage ball
Real Body Movement Group Classes
Real Body Movement Group Classes

One-on-One Personal Training

Ideal for beginners looking to build confidence and body awareness, as well as those wanting to take their training to the next level.

  • Fully personalised programming tailored to your specific goals and body
  • One to one accountability
  • 100% guidance on technique and movement with a qualified coach
  • Sessions can be specialised in boxing, animal flow and functional training such as kettlebell training and traditional barbells and bar / calisthenics work
  • Specialised programs to correct movement dysfunctions

Want to know more?  Book a chat here or contact us at admin@realbodymovement.com.au.


Massage Therapist
This is not a place just to lose weight or grow bigger muscle, it’s a place that you reform yourself physically and mentally.  I have better strength, stability and mobility and my body shape in changing. I’ve changed my diet to healthier choices, set up my goals and am chasing them. 


Training with Real Body Movement has helped me move better, become fitter and stronger. It’s also helped me think better and eat healthier. All of which has made me see life differently.

Not sure which options are right for you?


Fuel your body for life without fad diets, calorie counting or exotic ingredients.

A 12 week program identifying behaviour and beliefs around food, improving energy through better food choices and understanding how to make nutrition meet your lifestyle demands.  Accountability from coaches who care, in a judgement-free zone.
Weight loss, muscle gain, getting swole… whatever your goal, this program can help you get there.


Dates coming soon.

The Real Body Movement

Shop 2a, 19 Tozer Street, Gympie