What is Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching?


Our habit-based nutrition coaching program identifies behaviours and beliefs around food, education on how to gain more energy with the right foods and accountability from coaches that care. We bust the myths on fad diets and teach you about what foods will give you the results you’re chasing without completely cutting any major food groups and still eating some of the things you enjoy. We review your lifestyle and daily routines to ensure your nutrition is meeting the demands of your lifestyle. You do NOT need to purchase a tonne of expensive, unfamiliar foods, if anything you’ll save money and waste less food. You won’t have to spend your Sundays cooking all day, we teach you how to incorporate healthy eating into your day to day life. 

This is a 12 week program with 3 x 4 week phases. This program has evolved from feedback from past coaching systems and proven track records in achieving the goals of our participants, whether it be weight loss, muscle gains to get swole or educate yourself on food choices and making healthier decisions to fuel your body for life. 


Keeping it simple. You will have our coaches present a workbook on easy food ideas and learning about what foods are best paired together to give you maximum results and energy.

We will help identify habits that are holding you back from achieving your results and teach you how to overcome these obstacles. Our NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach will help break-through on some of these obstacles too in some group coaching calls. You will be required to keep a paper journal and will be educated on the purpose and requirements for this task. This stage is helping you change the neural pathways you have around food / nutrition. 


We start to get a little more detailed in this block and track your nutrition in a little more detail. This keeps you accountable for what you are eating.


Access to over 4200 meal plans over 21+ categories. Often by this stage our tribe are wanting more ideas and wanting to explore new food / cooking options for them and their family / housemates. During this stage we have weekly check-ins via our Facebook group and start to discover new ideas to keep our nutrition fun and interesting. 

Each year we only run 2 program blocks:

Program in progress now. Next one commencing February 2022.

  • No strict meal plan or fancy recipes to follow, it can be as simple or fancy as you wish to create. We will give you recipe ideas and meal plan ideas, however it’s up to you to find what works for you and your family
  • Learn about portions sizes
  • Learn how to create easy meals for the busy person and how to have healthy easy food on the go (save money and keeping it simple)
  • Learn how to choose meals when dining out.

 “Accountability and learning about timing of foods and macro pairing.. being called on our excuses, it was the holistic approach that I loved. I really like whole healthy habits and mindset coaching included. I was even a fussy eater and had options” Lauren .. lost 10kg in 12 weeks!



  • Learn how to fuel your body and time your food so you have loads of energy and maintain strength.
  • Learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your day-to-day life so you don’t have to watch your weight and training results fluctuate from random yo-yo diets.
  • You’ll be educated on the foundation of the habits that are effective to help you to live a healthy lifestyle that’s not ruled by dieting or aesthetics, to ensure you have a healthy happy mind for life.
  • Learn what to habits and behaviors to work on, when, why and how the habit works into your overall lifestyle

Your commitment:

  • You promise to keep in touch and remain open and honest about your nutrition intake and habits plus what you find is working and what isn’t working for you.
  • Do your best to attend all of the online Zoom Coaching calls scheduled throughout the program.
  • You promise to respond to any questions / comments on the Facebook group and emails from your coach/coaches.
  • You promise to be willing to grow your comfort zone and be accepting of feedback and suggestions given to you by the coaches – we are there to help you and WANT you to achieve the results you are chasing. 
  • You promise to be open-minded and trust in the process. This system has a proven track record to achieve a multitude of results and the coaches have practiced this system too. 
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