Team Training – Group Classes

Get support and motivation from our community when you join The Real Body Movement team training sessions.

All group classes must be booked in advance via Mind Body Online with your unique login code.

Book in for your FREE tour of our gym and short assessment prior to commencing classes.


Group/Team Training Classes

Fusion: Resistance & HIIT

Proven to burn fat, build strength & fitness, High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is an all body, calorie burning session with resistance super-sets.

A blend of cardio using air bikes, ski erg and rowing machines and resistance training/core.

Punch ’n’ Sweat – Boxing Class

Our Tuesday & Thursday classes are run by coaches qualified in RumbleFit or PunchFit Certifications.

These sessions are fitness classes that will get the heart pumping.

Release endorphins like there’s no tomorrow!

Primal Vibes

This class features animal flow and other ground based training disciplines, development of wrist strength and elbow and shoulder stability.  

Also included is breath work for up-regulation and a variety of down-regulation techniques used to close the session. 

Zenthai Yoga

Zenthai Flow is a nourishing and supportive movement based therapy that combines the practice of yoga asana (body posture) and breath. It brings awareness and principles of the Chinese Medicine Chi Meridians, where they lay in our body and how our physical and energetic bodies dance fluidly together as one. 

Primal Strength

Calisthenics, Isometrics (holds) and Balance Strength.  Strong and controlled body weight training. 

Often we lack the strength to move our own body weight and depend on machines and equipment to do so. This class uses a bar and straps or a broomstick to maximise strength using minimal equipment. 

Includes breath work for up-regulation and a variety of down-regulation techniques used to close the session.

Kickass Class

Our Saturday morning Kickass Class is not for the faint hearted!

Training specifically targeted at improving strength and fitness to compete in obstacle course races and an element of functional fitness and strength too.  

Loads of carrying, cardio, lifting and pulling.  The Real Body Movement  take teams to Spartan Obstacle Races as often as we can, so it’s perfect to condition your strength and fitness for these events.


Teaches you mobility and to respect the power and flow of the kettlebell. Building strength and sit you in fat burn stage for longer. We teach the traditional Russian style kettlebell technique. 

Body Awareness

Fitness and strength for kids to prepare them for conditioning training / personal training to enhance their sporting commitments. Includes animal flow / ground based training to building stability, mobility, muscle strength and endurance.


Core Exercises mixed with High Intensity Intervals on cardio equipment such as Air Bikes, Rowers & Ski Ergs.  This can include Tabata timers, and other intervals to get the heart pumping and the core on fire.


Steady state cardio (medium paced cardio for minimum 3 mins per set – Not interval training) combined with core strengthening drills. This will help you build up your cardio fitness and keep it fun by adding in some traditional and functional core exercises. 

Class memberships can be combined with Semi-Private Personal Training offering you more volume of training each week for faster results

10 session pass


Unlimited Class Membership

$39 per week

All classes must be booked online via Mind Body Online with your unique login code.

Prior to joining the group fitness training membership you will need to book in for a FREE tour and short assessment with one of our trainers. We consider your fitness level, medical history and any injuries or restrictions you may have and recommend classes that will suit you as an individual.

Crèche - $2 per child. 10 visit passes can be purchased and shared within a family.


All personal information details of assessments and information gathered from pre-exercise screening and lifestyle questionnaires will be treated as strictly confidential. This information will not be released to any parties under any circumstances unless permission is given by the client.
* Any video monitoring of the facility is for health, safety and security reasons and is kept confidential and only for the use of The Real Body Movement for health, safety and security purposes.
* Should you participate in filming or photography within the studio of classes or PT sessions you will be verbally asked by The Real Body Movement directors, staff or contractors for your approval to post on social media and should you not wish for your photo to be posted on social media, marketing material, website content or other publications please make note on Membership Agreement.




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