What is Functional Training?

Exercise that represents movements that we undertake in everyday life and supporting exercises to help you move better day to day is Functional Training.

At The Real Body Movement we look at clients’ movement dysfunctions and create a program, along with systemized improvement methods to help you move better in a more natural and functional way. Our training offers realistic optimism to living pain-free and without medication.

Fiona Keable

Co-Founder & Master Functional Trainer


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness – Academy of Fitness Business.
  • Advanced Kettlebells – Functional Training Institute 2016
  • RehabFX – Functional Training Institute & Rehab Trainer 2017
  • Rehab Essentials – Rehab Trainer 2019
  • Fundamentals of Mobility – Functional Training Institute 2016
  • Battling Ropes and Powerbags Qualification – Functional Training Institute 2017
  • Suspension Training Qualification – Functional Training Institute 2017
  • Certified Master Functional Trainer – Functional Training Institute 2016 – 2019
  • Certified Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor
  • Punchfit Level 1 Certified
  • Coaching Greatness with Martin Rooney November 2018

Matt Keable

Co-Founder & Coach


  • Cert III in Fitness
  • RehabFX Certificate with Rehab Trainer via Functional Training Institute 2017
  • Rehab Essentials Certification with Rehab Trainer 2019
  • Fundamentals of Mobility – Functional Training Institute 2018
  • Certified Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor
  • Advanced Kettlebell Coach – Functional Training Institute 2018
  • Coaching Greatness with Martin Rooney November 2018
Fiona's Story


Fiona (AKA Fi or Keabs) is passionate about sharing her ever-evolving knowledge and educating her clients / students on how to train with correct technique and how to release tension and move better.  Fiona loves learning and this knowledge has come from her certified training in Mobility and Rehabilitation through functional training drills and mobilisation techniques.

“It’s important to teach people how training and exercise can become part of their lifestyle without consuming them and find enjoyment in the process”, says Keabs.

Being a Mum of 2, Fiona can relate personally and professionally to the demands of parenting life and encourages others to make fitness mould into their family life to inspire children to become active and enjoy exercise too. From her own experience, Fiona believes that being active and training is also the best medicine for depression and anxiety and can improve mental health conditions OUT OF SIGHT!

Keabs will give you a guide on nutrition from an everyday personal / family life perspective and has partnered allied health professionals at hand, such as dietitians and physiotherapists to ensure you are in the best capable hands when you need professional advice outside her scope of education.

Training with Keabs you’ll learn to love and respect your body while having fun, as you are only given one body so it’s important to look after it so it’ll last you a lifetime. You will laugh, sweat and find out more about your body than you’ve ever thought was possible when you train with Keabs.

Matt's Story

Matt has trained on and off his entire life to stay active and healthy but like everyone else has also had a journey of his own.  In his younger years, Matt has done boxing training, played soccer, and also competed in the rodeo circuit as a bullrider and bareback rider. 5 years ago Matt used a new gym membership to help him quit smoking as he had exhausted all other options given to him by his GP. This WORKED! 5 years on he is still cigarette free and is continually researching new training methods and learning from his wife’s training skills to improve his fitness and keep his mindset positive and motivated.  Matt has a passion for staying fit and active for his kids!

In May 2017, Matt discovered he had a serious spinal condition from years of operating heavy machinery and lifestyle choices.


At this point he became bed-ridden from severe nerve pain and was facing down the barrel of a possible double-fusion, due to disc degeneration between L4/L5 and L5/S1, a pars defect (small fracture) and slipped vertebrae! The nerve pain was from the slipped vertebrae impinging a nerve at L5/S1.  Matt dodged a flying bullet with the potential operation by slowly getting up and moving and finding a way to move to accommodate his condition, Spondylolisthesis. He still to this day is tweaking his training and learning new methods of functional training and mobility to help his condition and preferably prevent the need for an operation.

The reality of this spinal condition made Matt realise he finally needed to commence study to get his Certificate III & IV in Fitness so he could share his knowledge, experience and passion with others.  Matt is often in our club doing member sign-ups and enquiries when he isn’t away for work. Feel free to ask him about his journey and how his experience could help you too.


To educate our community to care for the one body they’ve been given through a holistic and realistic approach to training and lifestyle choices. With a holistic “real world” approach, our community will learn the skills needed to help navigate themselves towards a safer, more pain-free and less medicated lifestyle.  This influence will then promote to our future generations the same values and mindset to give them the tools to make good choices in life too. We want to share our ever-growing skillset with people so they can experience how good it feels physically and mentally to move safely, train hard and enjoy their time in our space.

Imagine a community where people are taught how to move well, live well and feel good.

The concept and reason behind the naming of our business

The importance of mobility and understanding how your body moves




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