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Functional trainers who support you to move better day to day.

A community where people are taught how to move well, live well and feel good.

Purpose | Vision | Mission

Our purpose is to have a positive impact on the community by helping people FEEL better, MOVE better and LIVE better.  

We do this via adopting a unique and customer centric approach to delivering functional fitness, movement and nutrition coaching in a supportive and inclusive environment, designed for long term sustainability by people that deeply care about their tribe.

To create a community armed with the health and wellbeing tools that allow them to feel educated and empowered in making the best choices for their own bodies and minds, now and in the years to come.


I joined Real Body Movement with chronic knee pain which was badly affecting my ability to move well in everyday life. After a few months of focused training, I was able to deep squat without pain, and I’m back playing basketball without having to ice after every game.


Teacher, Brisbane
I joined Real Body Movement online during Covid. Being able to workout from home but still have specialised support and guidance has been better than I could ever have expected.


They are genuinely interested in the individual person and their needs!!! 
Not like any other gym I’ve been to. LOVE IT

The Real Body Movement

Shop 2a, 19 Tozer Street, Gympie