Mobility – Strength – Nutrition – Mindset

Functional trainers who support you to move better day to day.

A community where people are taught how to move well, live well and feel good.

Our Vision

To educate our community to care for the one body they’ve been given through a holistic and realistic approach to training and lifestyle choices. With a holistic “real world” approach, our community will learn the skills needed to help navigate themselves towards a safer, more pain-free and less medicated lifestyle.  This influence will then promote to our future generations the same values and mindset to give them the tools to make good choices in life too. We want to share our ever-growing skillset with people so they can experience how good it feels physically and mentally to move safely, train hard and enjoy their time in our space.

The Real Body Movement

Shop 2a, 19 Tozer Street, Gympie